Sunday, March 8, 2009


Okay okay, so a lot of stuff is up on facebook already, but well...

I fell in love with St. Augustine, what can I say?

I'm in Savannah, GA right now at a four diamon hotel. I'm getting pictures to show off in the morning. It's crazy. But we're tired from a day of travel, shopping (yes, I actually spent money!! With two days left of this trip, I'd say it's about time), and a GHOST TOUR. That was epic. He really was very very good. Check out his graphic novel at!

And, just a few photos of St. Augustine that I loved... (yes, it's hot and unideal for defending against zombies due to year-round above-freezing weather... but, well... I love it just the same!)

One of the cool, random, old buildings one can find in St. Augustine. This was in the middle of a gorgeous little neighborhood.

The Castillo! This is the old fort there. It's stone. Not many of those here in the US, eh? But it works. And, what's more, it has a moat.

Becky and I in the large guntower, to the... oh shoot, w? Sw? Something.

That's all for now! More coming once I'm home and have some downtime. Lots to do after a return from vacation, everybody knows!

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