Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dear John Darnielle,

I think you are swell. And your music makes me happy always. You have a song for everything, it seems. Especially when going to places ( ha ). Thank you for being you. I hope someday I get to see you in person. That'd be neat.


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Feeling a little sick today. ]:

Here's some more of the new clothes I bought!

So Frank asked me last night to become a server at the Inn. Just after Carlos did, and I said I was going to be very available for them. Thing is, if I get enough hours and make enough with the inn... I'll totally take a serving job over that. Or even a combo serving/hosting position if I had to. But... well, we'll see. I am going to call Kathy at the Inn around 4, and discuss things with her over the telephone. Then hopefully I'll be ready to tell Carlos solid enough details. I'm just praying that they're not putting me on any more than I normally am this next week, aka tuesday and thursday nights. Cos I need to cover for the next 5-6 weeks as well as train a new hostess. Oiiiiii.

Seriously though I would really like to serve all the time at the Inn. Hmmm. We'll see. I do love Carlos... and their food. Ha.

Um, anyways.

I don't havemuch to say otherwise. I'm feeling a little sick, as well as very tired &... something. But I can't name it.

Hopefully I'll relax tomorrow. Think I'm hanging out with Alex again soon so it should be good. Hm, I wonder if Tina has her work schedule up?


Friday, May 29, 2009

Ahhh. [:

I'm pretty incredibly satisfied with life again. I think I punched that possible bought of an extended low right in the FACE!

Today is sooo nice. Of course. I just want to go out and play today but sadly cannot; double double duty.

Still, I might go feed the ducks this afternoon.

My cameraphone has become my portable photography device. I apologize for the sub-par qualities of my photos as of late. (the kitchen one was with my webcam.)

Just some silly pics of me, but my hair is growing and I have a new cardigan. :D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, here's a little sneak preview. This is where I spend my time when I'm online. This morning I had the genius idea of bringing the rocker out here til we get a proper surface/seating thing going on in here. Sitting on the floor is buttnumbing, as well as after the rain last night and having some people come in off the back porch... there's dried algae everywhere. GROSS. The swiffer doesn't seem to wanna get it.

I'm feeling pretty blah about things today. /:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Adventure Time!!

Tina and I made cheesy curly fries.
This was the holy curly fry.

Yesterday (Memorial Day), we went to Highland Park to eat our Rettangelo's pizza (DELISH). I wanted to climb this tree. So we did. It was awesome. When we got there, there were squirrels!

After we did the below, I came back and sat right next to said squirrels. Then DevDev scared them away. Ohhhhwellll.

We crossed a tree bridge! It was kinda scary but very very fun. As you can see, I was the first across.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


My friend Alex shared this wonderful site on his awesome blog. Here's my quick pre-work run of it:

Quite fun, if you ask me!

I'm not looking forward today. Gotta clean house in hopefully 2 hours, but maybe just 1 hour this afternoon. Between my usual doubles.

Wedding shower tomorrow! I'll try to take pictures. [: I'll be directing most of it, though, so I may lack too much opportunity. Gonna make sunshine salaaaad and truffles!

Also, quite possibly moving on monday!!! Tina found a subleaser who needs in on monday, so we're gonna try to get OUUUUT for her by then. I'll take pictures tomorrow of the AWESOME chairs Tina found on heritage hill's garage sales for us! Orange furniture is def part of our theme. Note to self: find orange sheet for futon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Simply Similar

Flowers are a-bloomin' [:

Look familiar?


Monday, May 4, 2009

99 Red Balloons

or several white & purple ones.

We stopped off at Beaner's because we got to gvsu WAY early.

At the wedding, we released balloons as they ran to their trolley.

Devin, Me, Tina.

Congrats, Nina & Nate!
(that was my balloon, stuck in the tree)

At the reception, Handicaps had to park upside down.

I thought this table thing was just the coolest. I'm going to suggest it to Summer.

The feature board this last saturday. I was especially proud of it. You can't see it, but there's a cute little umbrella by the happy hour side.

Yesterday, we hung out in Devin's room for a while. It was pleasant.

This weekend, a lot happened. And I do mean a lot. Most of it was pretty intense in each of their own ways. I'm proud of everyone who's worked through it all. Between Blake being a jerk and Mike leaving, I know I myself have had a hard time coping. But, the sun still shines, and life goes on. Everyone has been handling this very well, I think (minus Blake, of course). My sissy, Tina, especially. She's taken the brunt of all of this and I hate hate hate that she has, but she's doing such a great job working through it all. I'm so so proud of her. I strive to be like her in that situation should I ever have to be.
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