Monday, May 4, 2009

99 Red Balloons

or several white & purple ones.

We stopped off at Beaner's because we got to gvsu WAY early.

At the wedding, we released balloons as they ran to their trolley.

Devin, Me, Tina.

Congrats, Nina & Nate!
(that was my balloon, stuck in the tree)

At the reception, Handicaps had to park upside down.

I thought this table thing was just the coolest. I'm going to suggest it to Summer.

The feature board this last saturday. I was especially proud of it. You can't see it, but there's a cute little umbrella by the happy hour side.

Yesterday, we hung out in Devin's room for a while. It was pleasant.

This weekend, a lot happened. And I do mean a lot. Most of it was pretty intense in each of their own ways. I'm proud of everyone who's worked through it all. Between Blake being a jerk and Mike leaving, I know I myself have had a hard time coping. But, the sun still shines, and life goes on. Everyone has been handling this very well, I think (minus Blake, of course). My sissy, Tina, especially. She's taken the brunt of all of this and I hate hate hate that she has, but she's doing such a great job working through it all. I'm so so proud of her. I strive to be like her in that situation should I ever have to be.

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  1. Oh sisso. :D!
    You've been holdin' it together just as good, if not better than I have. You were there to listen to me rant and rave and scream and helped me stay cool when I almost gave up.
    Mike said he'll come back.
    We're moving in together in June.
    The balloons will do nothing to hurt the birds ;)
    Everything will be okay.



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