Saturday, May 30, 2009


Feeling a little sick today. ]:

Here's some more of the new clothes I bought!

So Frank asked me last night to become a server at the Inn. Just after Carlos did, and I said I was going to be very available for them. Thing is, if I get enough hours and make enough with the inn... I'll totally take a serving job over that. Or even a combo serving/hosting position if I had to. But... well, we'll see. I am going to call Kathy at the Inn around 4, and discuss things with her over the telephone. Then hopefully I'll be ready to tell Carlos solid enough details. I'm just praying that they're not putting me on any more than I normally am this next week, aka tuesday and thursday nights. Cos I need to cover for the next 5-6 weeks as well as train a new hostess. Oiiiiii.

Seriously though I would really like to serve all the time at the Inn. Hmmm. We'll see. I do love Carlos... and their food. Ha.

Um, anyways.

I don't havemuch to say otherwise. I'm feeling a little sick, as well as very tired &... something. But I can't name it.

Hopefully I'll relax tomorrow. Think I'm hanging out with Alex again soon so it should be good. Hm, I wonder if Tina has her work schedule up?


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  1. You hang with ALex? You should bring me, I hardly see him at Kettering so I should see him here :P. UNless theres another Alex Hull


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