Saturday, May 16, 2009


My friend Alex shared this wonderful site on his awesome blog. Here's my quick pre-work run of it:

Quite fun, if you ask me!

I'm not looking forward today. Gotta clean house in hopefully 2 hours, but maybe just 1 hour this afternoon. Between my usual doubles.

Wedding shower tomorrow! I'll try to take pictures. [: I'll be directing most of it, though, so I may lack too much opportunity. Gonna make sunshine salaaaad and truffles!

Also, quite possibly moving on monday!!! Tina found a subleaser who needs in on monday, so we're gonna try to get OUUUUT for her by then. I'll take pictures tomorrow of the AWESOME chairs Tina found on heritage hill's garage sales for us! Orange furniture is def part of our theme. Note to self: find orange sheet for futon.

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