Monday, March 16, 2009

Necessary Evil.

Money. Why is it so necessary? I hate it. I wish I had some valuable skill or crop and could barter for everything in life. The trade system always seemed so awesome in my mind.

Still. The list of things I need to do this summer grows, and everything costs money.

Visit family in Cali around my birthday
Visit Charlevoix's Venetian Festival with my new crew
Go to school
Pay for stuff for Summer's wedding
Take kizzy to the vet
Visit Josh Ben & Krantz at the Ranch

This list is awesome, but, well. Since school costs something over 1000$, and tuition is due april 8, I am most likely going to postpone it til I'm either in Cali or have had a much more substantial time to save. And I am saving as best as I can. Vacations will be minimal; I may only be able to go up to Charlevoix for a night or two. Kizzy and Summer's Wedding will have to happen, there's not going around that. Visiting the family in Cali at least involves parents' checkbook. A nicer new phone would be nice... one that's built for texting... but the deals are not looking so hot right now. I could always try to grab a refurbed Envy though, and just not have an env2.

Friends for life.
It's one awesome deal.


We're nuts. But that's why you love us.

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