Monday, March 16, 2009


I know I was gonna get bored with it all again, but blame josh. He asked me today what color i was gonna dye my hair next. (I was thinking of sticking with my red/black for a while. we'll see.)

But. I loooove my dreads and don't really wanna cut them off, but manohman. Short hair. Sounds soooo tempting. But. I'm liking how my hair is waving most days.

here's stuff i like.

Bang placement. For longer hair.

So we'll see. I'm halfway tempted to get it done myself. Though. I'm wondering if supercuts is cheap enough for me. I can't afford Rebecca anymore. xD
Things I would need:
-Hair dryer
-Wax or whatever for hair (I think i have plenty)
-hair spray

and just shower at night. It could work.

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