Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ollld Towwnn

My mother and I went to see Old Town yesterday. I didn't really buy much (mexican goods just aren't as good if they can't be haggled down), except for at Joann's and Barnes & Noble later, but it was good.

On the trolley. [:

There were some gorgeous views out my mom's side...

I often stared at a wall, so I got bored and took pictures of myself.

If it wasn't a wall, it was often this. Still pretty, though. [: Look at that blue, bluuueee sky!

:D My faaav stop. hehe. It had the nice B&N.

Welcome to Old Town!

An uber cool, uber twisted tree. :D

It was all decorated for Christmas. [:

Some of the foliage.

These are cool flowers. Bird of Paradise, right?

Day after Christmas, and there are still daisies in bloom. That, honestly, is the best part of California.

Today is one of my last days in California. We're going to the beach. That is one of the only things I really wanted to do on this trip. I want to see it, feel the sand, collect a few shells, and touch the water. I want to see the other coast! Feel different waters, you know? I'm sure through the water cycle I've probably drank it before, but... I wanna see it.

All that aside ( really, if I don't get to go today, I will go during spring break, it will be no big deal [: ), I just wanted to say I really am going to miss California. I feel like I'm wasting good weather, just by how blue the sky is and bright the sun, but I don't have much to do. I can sit on the balcony and read, yes (which, I'm going to do that after I shower :D), but not much to do yet. That's the issue. If I don't live in a place, I don't know what there is to do, exactly.

Oh well, oh well.

My movie is almost done (I'm watching The Terminal), so I'm going to get ready to wrap up on here. I'll make a better text post tonight (probably. I have to pack and sleep tonight).

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