Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This weekend (sunday the 7th) was Tina's 22nd birthday. [:
We went to binder park zoo!

But also, on saturday, my parents closed an offer to purchase a house in California. It's HUGE. 5 bed, 4 bath. 3k+ square ft. WOW. Here's just a few pictures:

The front!

The mountain in the back! I can't remember what it's called, but I think it starts with a B. I'll miss El Capitan, though. It is still my fav one there.

Another backyard view.

Wow, huh???

Book One:
Julianne and the Dodo.

I absolutely LOVE this little guy! He's a jackalope I swear! And was very friendly.


Book Two:
Julianne and the Peacock.
These guys ruled the zoo.

wulfs :D
they are 4 brothers. 2 will go blind soon ]:



The zoo was AMAZING overall, and was quite awesome because it wasn't packed, nor sweltering hot, and we totally avoided any and all rain! We ran into some jerks while feeding the giraffes, but oh well. We didn't let that horrible experience ruin our day. SO :D

I love giraffe tongues. They're like giant, strong, purple cat tongues. What could be better?

I'm feeling a little lonely lately. Oh well.

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  1. Those last two lines when taken alone...erm.....I'm sorry I'm a horrible person *cant stop giggling*


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